Atlassian Jira LogoAt work I’m currently evaluating Jira as our “Scrum Tool”. Currently we work with various tools:

  • Physical Taskboard
  • TestTrack Pro
  • Excel Sheets
  • Timetracking Tool

to assist our scrum process. As a java develepors I endeavore to reuse source code and encapsulate responsibilities within components with precisely defined interfaces. In my daily work I have to manage 4 tools and keep all the information synchronized, so I gave Jira a try to replace some of the current tools.

I am currently evaluating Jira in the running sprint, and so far it seems to manage all our requirements. But there is information I couldn’t get out of Jira: My Daily Worklog. I need the daily worklog to generate productivity reports and to invoice our customer.

I haven’t found such a report in the Jira Plugin list, so i wrote a small java application to get this done by utilizing the Jira SOAP web-service:

 JiraSoapServiceService jiraSoapServiceGetter = new JiraSoapServiceServiceLocator();
 JiraSoapService soap = jiraSoapServiceGetter
          new URL(""));
 String token = soap.login("myUsername", "mySecret");

 RemoteIssue[] issuesFromTextSearch = soap
         "project = MYPROJECT AND assignee = myUsername AND fixVersion = 'Sprint 46'",

 List<WorklogEntry> entries = new ArrayList<WorklogEntry>();

 for (RemoteIssue remoteIssue : issuesFromTextSearch) {
      RemoteWorklog[] worklogs = soap.getWorklogs(token, remoteIssue.getKey());

      for (RemoteWorklog remoteWorklog : worklogs) {
           entries.add(new WorklogEntry(

 DateTime today = new DateTime();

 for (WorklogEntry worklogEntry : entries) {
      DateTime worklogDateTime = new DateTime(worklogEntry.getCreated());
      if (worklogDateTime.getDayOfYear() == today.getDayOfYear()
           && worklogDateTime.getYear() == today.getYear()) {
                 worklogEntry.getIssueKey() +" - "
                 + worklogEntry.getIssueDescription()
                 + " - "+ worklogEntry.getTimeSpent());

This is a quick hack and far away from any clean code. Maybe I’ll write a cusomt Jira Report in my spare time to get the above data out of Jira in the future.